Short Film: Chevak School Sea Week

Ryan Peterson
Alaskanist Stories

Spatial proximity to wildfires as a proxy for measuring PM2.5: A novel method for estimating exposures in rural settings

M. Luke Smith and Guangqing Chi
The Journal of Climate Change and Health 11, 100219

Dillingham, Alaska Coastal Profile Report: 2016-2023

The Arctic Coastal Geoscience Lab: Harper Baldwin, Desi Bond, Sue Flensburg, Renee Lee-Roque, Chris Maio, Reyce Bogardus, Sara Datson, Roberta Glenn, Rich Buzard, Jessica Christian, Matthew Balazs, and Mike Letzring

Masters thesis: Community-based monitoring: shoreline change in Southwest Alaska

Jessica Ellen Christian
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Dillingham Harvest Assessment for Food Security and Migration Pillars

Bronwyn Jones, Cody Larson, and Davin Holen

The need to include wild foods in climate change adaptation strategies

Bronwen Powell, Indra D. Bhatt, Megan Mucioki, Suresh Rana, Sandeep Rawat, and Rachel Bezner Kerr
Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability

Fishing in the time of COVID: Assessing risk in the Bristol Bay commercial salmon fishery and the societal benefits of social science research

Davin Holen, E. Lance Howe, and Guangqing Chi
Arctic Yearbook 2023 Special Issue: Arctic Pandemics

Chevak, Alaska shoreline analysis maps

Michael Letzring

An interdisciplinary approach to coastal resilience in Alaska

Alaska Sea Grant

Short Film: Stakes for Stakeholders — Monitoring Coastal Erosion in Western Alaska

Ryan Peterson
Alaskanist Stories